Consider this warning before you read any further:  I make absolutely zero promises to anyone (*cough* Mom & Dad *cough*) that everything I write will fit into the same worldview to which you currently prescribe.  The topics will probably be all over the board.  One entry may be highly philosophical about a little boy seeing a dog, the next an in-depth analysis of why Old School is an all-time great comedy, followed up by a discussion of sacred geometric patterning throughout the cosmos and its correlation to the ongoing manifestation of our material universe.  Sometimes I’ll use “bad words” like fuck or bullshit.  I don’t care if you like it or feel like I could get my point across without using them (*cough* Mom & Dad *cough* seriously *cough*).  I’m not going to stop using them simply because anyone feels I should.  Each of us is a fully autonomous being and makes the choices we feel are best for us.  I sincerely apologize to anyone hoping to change this, but yours efforts are futile.  The battle is long lost.  Either agree to disagree or stop reading here.  I wholeheartedly respect your decision to not use those words, but I choose to at times; I am both fully aware of how that may be perceived by some and fully willing and able to accept any potential repercussions.  Objection overruled.


I do not believe that using colorful language on occasion will doom one’s soul for all eternity, nor do I believe that it jeopardizes any current or future endeavor I may wish to pursue.  No god I’ve heard of ever said, “Thou shalt not say fuck, shit, asshole, et al.!”  Some random person somewhere at some point in time decided we shant possibly use such crass terms, being civilized folk and all, and began to openly shame others for using certain types of language.  It’s literally just an assortment of words that by themselves are no more or less harmful than any others.  What arrogance and conceit humans are capable of that someone ever felt entitled enough to arbitrarily decide which words in the English language could and couldn’t be spoken by “proper” people…but instead of stopping there, proceeded to pass judgement on all those who didn’t follow his newly created definition of what it meant for a human being to live morally!  What baseless judgement we humans cast so blindly and freely upon others without ever stopping to think about why we’re even judging, or if we even agree with the foundational premise upon which said judgement is seated.  Who even chose all these supposedly awful words we’re not supposed to be saying?  Couldn’t it have been some megalomaniacal dickhead who thought it’d be amusing to tell people they couldn’t say “fuck” just to see how many people would respect the authority of his imagined self importance because thinking of how many did was the only thing that got him aroused enough to actually bump uglies with his shallow wife in a loveless marriage?  It’s just as plausible a reason as any other for why someone would arbitrarily pick a handful of words to demonize then admonish those who dared speak them after his own “divine decree”, and yet we continually judge others based upon…?  Why should I care what anyone else thinks about my choice of words and actions when I know in my heart that I’m not intending to hurt anyone?  When you really think about it, isn’t that the only truth any of us can ever truly know about anything?  (Oh, we’re just getting started…)


And what about my opinion?  Is mine not every bit as valid as that of the person who first said we shouldn’t use those terms?  Isn’t everyone’s own belief just as valid as that of every other person on a matter such as this?  I, personally, believe that it’s not the words that are being used but how they are used and with what intention that’s relevant.  For example, ”Fuck Hitler!”  I would argue that’s spreading a relatively positive message, yes?  On the other hand, while most all would agree that a “kiss” is a good term, doesn’t the desired anatomical location of a requested kiss become more important in determining its true nature?  At times criminalized words can be used gracefully and impactfully, such as when David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox addressed an emotional crowd at Fenway after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  On other occasions it happens to be pretty fucking adorable.  Nothing exists in a vacuum, so let’s all stop pretending like they do.  Instead of nitpicking minor details as perceived flaws, try paying attention to the tone and greater themes of what’s being said.  We’ve become so conditioned to focus on the things in life we don’t personally agree with or that don’t fall into our “zone of acceptability” instead of looking past them to see that there’s wisdom to be gained in everything.  If you come from a place free of fear and judgement you begin to see everything in life as either a great experience or a great lesson.  Let go of the ego’s constant attempts to control life and simply let things be.


Phew…everyone good?  Good.  Glad we’re finally all on the same page.  And if you’re still not on board?  No worries, I honestly take no offense.  To each his or her own.  Just go ahead and click that X in whichever upper corner you believe to be the proper heir to the throne of window closing power.  I shouldn’t have to type that last sentence but unfortunately Apple decided to unnecessarily be a bunch of assholes and go all leftist on us with their button placement…fucking socialists.


Ha!  The previous section was actually a multidimensional trap!  If you were offended by my use of the word “asshole” or “fucking”; maybe this isn’t the right blog for you.  If you were offended because you’re a Mac addict (and simply can’t conceive of how any human being would willingly choose a differing opinion than your own regarding a truly meaningless argument where both options are more than adequate at performing the required task); perhaps it’s time to stop reading this and go back to FaceTiming your cat via your new Apple Watch.  If you so strongly identify with a political party to the point where the socialist comment caused you to either instinctively feel defensive or reflexively bark, “‘Mer’cuh!” while firing your gun in the air; tread carefully.  My beliefs are my own and I reserve the right to change my stance on a given position at any time due to a preponderance of evidence, or at times despite such a preponderance in favor of a gut feeling.  I do not purport any ideology or institution of man to be “the right way” nor do I condemn any without adequate investigation.


I would like to emphasize that last point again, as it’s really the most important one to take away from this meandering introductory post.  There is no one correct way to go through life and anyone who tells you there is should be met with much skepticism.  “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.” (Confucius)  “The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.” (Socrates)  “There are no facts, only interpretations.”  (Nietzsche)  Some of the wisest beings to ever share their thoughts with humanity talked about how little we can ever truly know, so please do not misconstrue anything I write to be considered absolute truth in my mind nor should it be to anyone else.  I claim to have nothing other than what I hope to be considered a growing collection of insightful, entertaining, informative, uplifting, thought-provoking and enlightening posts.  


While I certainly lack any formal training as a writer I feel quite capable of turning some of the thoughts that keep running through my head into something meaningful (or at the very worst worth reading).  Much like a TED conference I’m simply about bringing to light ideas worth spreading.  I make no promises in regards to how often I intend to update nor as to what form this blog will take.  I enter into this endeavor simply as a creative outlet without any attached expectations while at the same time leaving open the possibility for growth if that’s what’s meant to be moving forward.


So…as an homage to the world renowned yet somehow underrated and even less understood Albert Einstein I bid you all adieu with my final disclaimer in the form of one of his many insightful quotes which ends with my chosen name for this venture:


“I have no special talents, I am only…Passionately Curious”